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The Shu Powders production operations were originally based in China. Shu found that their business environment in China was untenable and so the decision was made to relocate the entire production plant to Durban, South Africa.

Today, Shu is a Hong Kong based company with production operations in South Africa and sales office in the United States and agents in India, Japan and Korea.

The South African production plant utilizes over 3 hectares of land, 5,650 square meters under roof. It has 65 culturally diverse employees all focused on the production of up to 1,400 metric tons per year of cobalt powder. Our plant produces most of its operating gasses, has stand-by power generation capability and utilizes what we believe to be the most efficient third-generation production process in the world. All of our powder is jet milled. Our granulation process is a highly efficient and effective internally developed system that results in a very flowable product.

Shu Powders announcement